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We offer Native Norwegian Proofreader Freelance Services

Bruk en tekstforfatter

Our Norwegian Proofreading Services

We offer native Norwegian freelance proofreader services for remote work within proofreading of Norwegian language texts. Our freelancers offer excellent editing, proofreading and writing skills for small to larger texts and projects. They also have a strong understanding of SEO and marketing principles.

In Norway we have several different languages and two main dialects. We offer services within the common Norwegian “bokmaal” (bokmål).

Norwegian Proofreader for Social Media

We both translate and proofread text for social media, mostly Facebook at the moment. Short, buzz and actionable texts.

Norwegian Proofreader Qualifications and Experience

Today, our Norwegian proofreaders are experienced and work within the travel, sports and outdoors industries. Some of them also work on technical and contractual texts.

Norwegian Proofreader Rates

Our freelancers are native Norwegians and they are mainly living in different parts of Norway, therefore we charge for our services according to Norwegian salary standards. Our freelancers do also have good knowledge within SEO that may index your text and articles higher in search engines like google and bing. With this in mind, our prices are in the mid range.

You get what you pay for, as you know 🙂

We do not bid on work for clients and we do not offer low budget services. We work both on fixed rates and hour rates, depending on the agreement with you and our other clients.

Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world, Norwegian consumers may therefore be a good target group for international companies.

Norwegian Proofreader Reservations

We do not provide services for clients with dubious intentions, such as scams, gambling and casinos.

Do not use Google Translate

Please do not use google translate before sending texts to us as the translations made by google may go horrible wrong and the translated text will not make any sense in Norwegian language.

Norwegian Proofread Text Delivery

The proofread text will be delivered or online according to our agreement with you and other clients. Ie. in a MS Word document with traceable changes or online on a website.

Contact us for Norwegian Proofreader

You are welcome to send us an email at kontakt@storystudio.no